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Best Chiropractor
Posted by kfguy on 05/18/2007

I have been receiving chiropractic care for 25 years now and have visited many chiropractors in that time. I have come to believe that Cheri Markos is the best chiroprator that I have patronized. She truly listens to your description of your aches, pains, needs, and concerns and then follows through with a complete session. She is one of the few chiroprators that I know of that can address all parts of the human body and is especially knowledgeable and skilled with the extremities (arms, legs, feet, hands, etc.). She really helped my shoulders, elbows, knees,and even my jaw to name just some of my problem areas. Cheri Markos is what a chiropractor should be and is definitely well worth the reasonable rates she charges. I very highly recommend her.

Dr. Markos does amazing muscle work that got me back on my feet!
Posted by studiosangle on 05/10/2007

When I first visited Dr. Markos my back was in full spasm. She thought I had been in a severe car accident. She asked me 3 times if I was sure I had not had a car accident. The severity of my back, left hip, both feet, and neck were so out of place that I couldn't sit, lay down or stand without severe pain. I had been living in pain for 12 years. I had gone to 5 other chiropractors with no relief. I was unable to work and was becoming depressed from chronic pain. Dr. Markos' technics literally unwound my body muscle by muscle... Eventually I could last an entire day on my feet, then several days. It was a huge day in my life when I could walk to the end of the block and the 2nd big day was when I could actually walk around the block. I am proud to say that I can now walk for miles, do yard work, lift things, practice my yoga, lift weights, and sing freely again. My muscles are strengthening instead of twisting!!! Her technic is amazing. My 90 year old mother had Dr. Markos work on her and was able to wash her own hair for the first time in 15 years. Then, her right shoulder finally aligned and she is able to play cards, feed her cat, get dressed without pain and no longer has a catch in her back that she had for 17 years. Her mind is clearer and she is more aware of her surroundings after an adjustment too. Dr. Markos is the only bodyworker/chiropractor/healer I recommend to all of my singing students. She has helped them (and me) get rid of tension that allows them to use their bodies correctly to sing healthfully and without strain to the throat. She is my godsend. Thanks doc for giving me my life back!!!!! You are the best of the best!

Took up where after another chiropractor plateaued
Posted by jklioness on 05/04/2007

Dr. Markos has significantly helped several members of my family. When another chiropractor was no longer making a difference with my congenital SI joint and its related spinal issues, I found Dr. Markos. She employed techniques that have greatly improved my quality of life. I feel so much younger! When my oldest daughter visited for ankle problems that have plagued her since adolescence, Dr. Markos not only helped with adjustments but taught my daughter techniques that my daughter has been able to use no matter where in the world she travels. When my 6 month old grandson came from England with some spinal adjustments needed after a long labor and delivery, he actually smiled and cooed when the adjustments were made and absolutely adored Dr. Markos. I would recommend Dr. Markos to anyone -- and I usually do!

Great chiropractor!
Posted by mclanek on 05/01/2007

Dr. Markos is an outstanding chiropractor who has helped me to overcome minor and severe back and neck pain. She has also successfully adjusted my wrist, knee and foot joints, which I've never had worked on before. She takes the time to consult with her patients to fully understand what their needs are. I highly recommend her services.

Best Chiropractor
Posted by megapure on 04/28/2007

My father was a chiropractor and when I was growing up I got regular adjustments. When he passed away, there was no chiropractor I trusted to work on me. After many years, I injured my back and and had to seek help. Fortunately, Dr. Markos was the doctor I came to and she helped me tremendously. I was in so much pain I wondered if I would ever walk again. But she got me up and around in a short time. She will always be the one I turn to when I over do it. Dr. Markos is extremely talented, caring and very professional. I recommend her to anyone who is in pain.

Excellent and knowledgeable! The BEST I've been to!
Posted by c_calkins on 04/19/2007

Dr. Markos has a rich background in wellness-related disciplines, including massage therapy, rehabilitation, developmental physical education, and chiropractic care. She brings all of this to her practice. I have received chiropractic care from a number of chiropractors in the area, but Dr. Markos was the first to adjust not just the "traditional" places, such as the hips, neck and ribs, but also extremity areas such as my feet and knees and wrist and elbow. These adjustments made a world of difference! As I told her, I felt like the rusty tin man who had suddenly been oiled! I felt dramatic differences after just the first visit and am improving with each visit. I highly recommend Dr. Markos and have already suggested to my husband that he leave his current chiropractor and start seeing her!

Great Person Fabulous Doctor
Posted by ljo123 on 04/18/2007

When I first started seeing Dr.Markos I was nervous about being adjusted, she took the extra time to figure out what worked best for my issues and my body. Her adjustments are tailored to meet my individual needs, and gentle. I came to Dr.Markos with trepedation and alot of pain and limited flexibility. My pain has subsided and my flexibility and posture have improved. What I like best about Dr.Markos is she really does treat the whole person, not just symptoms.
Pros: Easy Parking, close to Freeway
Cons: ????

Best chiropractor on the planet!
Posted by omallj on 04/18/2007

My shoulder, neck muscles, and upper back were constantly sore and aching. I was not able to put my right arm behind my back without pain. My right shoulder blade felt like a needle was being pushed into it Putting my right arm behind my back really hurt. My right wrist hurt, and the fingers on my right hand would go numb for a few seconds at a time. I was turning into a crabby old woman. For the past four months I had been going to a massage therapist, a chiropractor, and an osteopath in order to get a few days of pain free relief, to no avail. I had almost given up trying to find a doctor that could really help me. Giving it one last try, I went on line to my medical insurance web site and found Dr. Cheri Markos at the top of the list. I called her office and made an appointment. For the first appointment, Dr. Markos talked to me for an entire hour - in order to find out how to make treat me. Let me ask you, when was the last time a doctor talked to you for an entire hour? Then, after the first session of treatment, I was sore, but, was able to move my right arm and shoulder in a complete circle, able to circle my right wrist in a complete circle, and able to put my right arm behind my back and touch my left shoulder blade with my thumb, without pain or stiffness. Also, I found out that I had been going around with lower back pain, (without realizing it because of the pain in my right shoulder, upper right back, and arm was so intense), My lower back pain is gone! I am so happy to have found Dr Markos! :) I highly recommend Dr. Cheri Markos, and have been telling all of my friends and co-workers about her. If you want to be healed, go to the best chiropractor on this planet - Dr. Cheri Markos!

Chiropractic Care
Posted by relieved on 04/18/2007

I have had one hip replacement and soon to have the other one done. After surgury I was shocked by the addition of low back pain I now experienced along with the loss of flexibility. Being a very athletic person and truly depressed about my inability to move without much pain, I went to see Dr. Marcos. I was afraid of damaging the artificial hip somehow in the adjustments. But Dr. Marcos in her patient and confident manner assured me no harm would come to my operated hip. My quality of life has improved greatly since I started seeing her. I have avoided much medication this time around waiting for the next surgury. My surgeon is amazed at my improved condition considering the degeneration of the other hip joint has continued, No, Dr. Marcos didn't miraculously make my arthritis disappear.........but she has definately allowed me to smile more and enjoy life much more than I could before her skilled care.

Chronic Pain Finally Relieved!
Posted by walkerb on 04/13/2007

I have had chronic neck and back pain for YEARS, and I have a complicated health history. I have seen several chiropractors and other specialists and Cheri has brought me more relief in a few months than anyone else has in many years! She is insightful, gentle, kind, and intuitive. Your body, heart and mind will benefit from a visit to Cheri! We need more health care providers like her.
Pros: Easy parking, friendly staff, easy to find
Cons: NONE

Where is the pain?
Posted by snoopylexy on 04/12/2007

I first arrived by accident to the North City Chircopractic. My first impression was alright I'm scared, I've never been to a chiropactor before and I didn't know if it would hurt to realign my bones. I was in a car accident where a semi-truck knicked the car and ended up hitting the car sending us in a 540 degree spin. The practice is very safe and professional and Dr. Cheri is amazing with her work. My right leg was stiff and I would be in pain but then she started cracking and I was feeling better after the second day.. She's Real cool too, She's got a great story to tell and her personality is fun! She's lived in multiple places and is definatly a people person!!! I deffinatly recommend that you go to her practice. Just after 2 weeks of 3 sessions a week my body is healing!!
Pros: Friendly staff, Great Service, Understanding, Proffessional, Will Help you out with all your needs
Cons: Waiting Room is usually busy, So get your Apt. Now or you'll be missing out on a great doctor.

Excellent Health Care!
Posted by xoxlulu on 04/12/2007

I was referred to Cheri Markos by my primary care phycisian and an still sending thank you notes to that Doctor! Dr Markos Always makes me feel as if I am her only patient that day and gives great care and attention to me every time I visit. There is none of this lay on a table in the lobby and get ten minutes of the same adjustment you got last time. She is genuinely concerned about creating a pathway to good health!

Excellent listener, compassionate care-giver, committed, skilled AND NICE!!
Posted by glochick on 04/12/2007

Dr. Markos was a real life-saver for me recently. I was working in the greater Seattle area for a six week period and went into a crisis that resulted in massive muscle spasms in my neck, upper back, jaw, etc. I was literally paralyzed, in terrible pain and frightened. It took consistent care over several visits, but she was able to help me get back on my feet, as well as make suggestions about other doctors and diciplines that might help. I ended up consulting an endocrinologist as well as a myofascial pain physician. The entire episode was consciousness-raising in the extreme. Throughout she was concerned, communicative, excellent with follow-up (I never had to chase her around for answers), and has continued to offer support from afar, once I returned to the East coast. She's a gem.
Pros: Affordable, good hours
Cons: none

Rapid result
Posted by glstiles on 04/11/2007

I went to see Dr Markos after years of back and neck pain. It was getting to where I could no longer ignore it. I was having extreme nerve pain down the back of my right leg. After my first visit, the nerve pain in my leg was gone and my back was no longer stiffening me up. I would recommend Dr Markos to anyone with pain.

Best Chiropractor I have ever been too!
Posted by jb_seattle on 04/10/2007

I am new to the PNW. Cheri was a referral from a co-worker. Since I have had much Chiro work done in the past, I was nervous to go to a new Dr. To my great delight, my experience was wonderful. Cheri is amazing with amazing intuition about people. Her bedside manner is wonderful and the work done has been the best Chiro work of my life! Words cannot describe the relief I have felt now that I have found a great Doctor. North City Chiropractic - both Cheri and the staff - have been fexible with getting me appointments that work with my schedule. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will be a customer for life.
Pros: Great Chiro Work - Amazing Results!
Cons: Depending on where you live - it might be a drive... but worth it!

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